Becoming Swimrun World Champions

To win the Ö till Ö - Swimrun World Championship was a happy and proud moment. An achievement we worked so hard for, during the race but also for a long time ahead. The gold and the title we so dearly wanted, a course record we believed in, a crazy time of 8h55min and a fifth place over all only 16 minutes to the mens podium, this wasn't even in my dreams. 

We wanted only one thing and went for nothing but gold, we did all we had to do, all we could do and got down to all the details. 

It started with a strong will and motivation. And a healthy portion of pressure. We've both got previous high results but were longing for the highest position on the podium. And a lot of people believed in us with expectations sky high. 

We trained hard with focus on or individual weaknesses and together to be able to pull of a real team effort.

We went up and down the corse, over and over again. Knowing every tree, root and stone and all the in and outs we could put all focus on going forward smoothly and steady.

We made a plan, and stayed on it even though we had a little gap to close after the first swim, even though we were chased hard and teams got a glimt of or backs. Our pace, our race.

 Photo: Per Hertz

Photo: Per Hertz

Our gear set up was perfect for us and well tested, by us. All simple but smart. Salomon shoes we trusted, but NO we did not have suctions cups, as another competitor actually asked when we passed their team over some slippery rocks. Camaro black tech suits, thin and smooth, with no flotation panels or thicker layers. Fastest paddles there is, carbon of course (who doesn't want carbon), Swim Wins. And the custom homemade juice missiles, hugest thanks and appreciations to Jespers wretched family who hade to drink a lot (A LOT) of apple juice. 

Our best piece to the puzzle was our fantastic friends and family who got out in boats and on bikes just to cheer us. You lifted us to an extra performance through out the whole course. All the way form the early, cold and excited start at Sandhamn, over gnarly islands and in wavy waters to the the finish line on beautiful Utö. 

We made OUR flawless race, we made it OUR way, and we got all we wanted and more. 

 Photo: Magnus Jensen

Photo: Magnus Jensen

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