Going for double

 Photo: Jonatan Fernström

Photo: Jonatan Fernström

Now the start of the world championship is in only one day. And we're ready, I'm ready. I've worked hard this last year to get here and now I'll get out on this remote course and work even harder with my team and for my team. What we're about to take on, is a true adventure. The terrain is harsh, the heat is brutal and the wildlife is rich.

We arrived in Brasil Wednesday after a long but smooth travel all the way. We've been spending some days here in Pantanal getting the gear logistics ready and adapting to the heat. Also got out to get a feeling of what Pantanal has to offer.

You can follow us (our little GPS dot) and cheer us day and night in this 5 days non stop race. We’ll be kayaking, trekking, trekking and biking our way true the 700k challenging course. As long as we're on the course and moving, the race is on. This is gonna be a tough one for all teams. Key is to stay together as a team and keep the fighting spirit high.

Look into the team website

And the official website with GPS-spotting

Lets go for our second World Championship gold!

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