Le Peloton morning and brain freez

The alarm went of 4:50, nothing weird at all, just Wednesday. Me and my Epic went of in the chilly morning. Me dressed for slightly warmer weather, but hey you want to look awesome, don't you?

It was a nice and crazy hard ride for half an hour. But all of a sudden there It was...the little gap. My brain took a micro break, gah it shouldn't have. As I tried to wake my brain again, legs was working ass of to close the gap. Then I had a complete brain freeze and the gap went all mockingly big on me. What do you do when your all alone at some gravel road with your new love (yeah the bike), but of course you go in to the woods for some fun. Came in for breakfast a little late but a lot happy. Perhaps a little late for work also, but still happy. That's something, isn't it?

Le Peloton tend to have that impact on people...makes you crazy happy. Or in some case maybe just crazy, I'm not sure.

Coming up; An adventurous weekend with kayaking, orienteering and of course biking. I call dips on the sun, so if you want a share join me. Okay with you all?



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