Countdown and motivation high

Leaving for Chile and my grand premier in Adventure Race World Series is only two weeks away. 9th of April we fly out and 12th of April I'm with Team Peak Performance at the start line, ready to rock it. 

Getting of work is only one week away.

At the same time I can't wait and time's a-wastin', but I'm super exciting and motivation is at a all time high. I'm trying to give my self all the best prep possible. Guys I'm even stretching. I really felt bless to get to go out tonight for 2 hours of biking and running in the rain and wind. Not entirely lying. Got a little extra help from a team mate. But it sure was a watery one. And slippery as well, manage to leave my bike for a brief fly. The landing part wasn't at all smooth. But after a couple of breaths through clenched teeth I was back in business. And as a great friend of mine told me when I first started riding MTB; "If you didn't crash you didn't challenge yourself enough."

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