Socks, last prep and living the dream

Last prep of me, bike and gears done (hopefully) I feel happy, calm and excited!

Yesterday my new fave biking place Ekerö delivered once again. Super duper fun biking. Up and down, narrow trails and some fast and fun technical parts. I'll be back soon to play more. 

First day off duty suprisingly contained a lot of work, but it was all a blast.


We've been round the town a few turns. Or more than a few to be honest. We've vacuumed every inch for socks. So if you're in need of wool socks, you need to go at least a 100k away from Stockholm. 

Day started with us making chaos at Specialized Concept Store, those guys are like superheroes with patient as their superpower. Think we left with half the store and the rest all over the place. AND they made us coffee. And our Epics are even faster than before.

A lot of stops and super helpful people later, and actually another coffee, I headed out to Arlanda to leave everything for tomorrows take off. 



When chilling out in the car on my way back, I just felt so happy, and so good to go. So game on!

Leaving tomorrow, some long flights awaits and then getting ready to race. Start is sunday 12th, please follow us at and Facebook Team Peak Performance. We'll keep you updated and provide links for GPS tracking if there will be any. 

See you soon!

A little more tired and scratched but most certain even more happy and motivated to do great things.


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