Full speed living and riding

I'm living in full speed with fun things at the moment and everything is just perfect. I know you all want my story from Chile, and you will get it. Just not jet. I'll instead tell you what I've been up to lately.

Straight from Chile me and the team went to Crete for training camp and some work with finding, mapping and marking running and biking trail for Apollos guests. Both parts went way over expectations. 

Crete turned out to be so beautiful and with great cycling both road and mountain bike. I missed my road bike a bit, not to much though cause we got a lot of fun and challenging cycling at the Epic's. But I'll definitely go back to race the roads and get some hard and lovely switchbacks.

We also got some time to hang out with the team and recover both legs and mind. We're soon ready to do even greater things.

This weekend have been all about racing. Started with Lidingö MTB at Saturday. I was super excited and psyched to race fast and hard. But at the same time I had no clue at all what to expect. Not from the corse, not from the other contenders and not from my own body.

The atmosphere at Lidingövallen and especially in the Specialized tent was great and got me even more good to go.

The start was a bit crowded and I got hit by some guy at my rigth and almost fell, I cleared it out but go dropped big style from the bunch. I spent some time and a lot of effort to catch up, and when I did the bunch was more of a long stretch and it started to break up, I tried to close gaps but it was just to long way to the front and I couldn't see the girls.

I ended up quit far back and spent a lot of time on my own in the wind. But as I had a real good suport team along the course I got aware of that I picked up at the girls in the front. And that got my motivation running. As we entered the hills of Bosön, I was only a few seconds away from the podium. At the technical trail I cached the 4th, and passed her at a super sketchy downhill cliff. I thought to my self: This is your one and only chance, just go, it will be wort it. (Even if you crash, worth the try) I stayed at my wheels, and just a few meters later I cached the 3d girl and now with only a couple of k's to the finish we had to play it tactical. It was mentally hard but also fun and it all came down to a sprint. Just the way I like it. Unfortunately the judge thought I was to rough when we came shoulder to shoulder so even though I crossed the finish line first, I ended up as 4th. To be standing at a podium is always a pleasure but to finish 4th in my first ever mountain bike competition isn't all bad. I'm super happy with the race and the kick ass day with the team and supporters from Specialized and also my mum! 

From one race to another, we jumped in the car and raced...oh, drived safely to Kalmar. To participate in Wings for life world run. 

  Swedish Red Bull athletes line up before the race.

Swedish Red Bull athletes line up before the race.

It's a charity run for spinal cord research and the team wanted to pitch in. As a running event it was innovative and fun. The finish line was actually behind you and moving towards you, and the goal was to get as far as possible before the car cached you. We ran together as a team and with our fury team mate Arthur as well. People was cheering all the way and the weather was summerish so we had an amazing day together.

Back in Stockholm now, to, believe it or not, work for a couple of days. Then the adventure continues. 

Thanks for reading!

Love / Marika

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