All about summer

Summer has been long but passing very quick in a weird way.

The team went to Swaziland for a world series race, but I stayed home this time since we're two girls at the team. 

But competing and trying new things is some kind of addiction to me and there was plenty to do at home. 

Started of with a local road race for fun, my road bike haven't seen the road that many times this year. Great hard race where I tried to break way too many times. Finished with a sprint anyway. 


With just 36h notice I decided to attend Race for Heroes, a solo race in the Swedish Adventure Racing series. My first solo race. Got everything together with a lot of help by my nicest adventure racing friends. I went there to try solo racing and learn for up coming Åre Extreme Challange. And sure it got educational. Wasn't really my race day, but I got what I came for. 

The kayak section seemed pretty easy, calm sea and a big staring field (someone will probably go about my speed). But it got ugly! 

Started off with accidently puting my foot brace lose and had to paddle without any help from my legs. Despite the big starting field I ended up alone, worked my as off to catch a group in front. Almost there I hit a rock, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SEA? WTF! Had a little swim, got back up to find out the rudder was broken. This didn't exactly make me any faster. Then time for the portage. As I was so well prepered I had of course trained alot, oh no wait. I didn't even try it before (if we don't consider carrying the kayak to the starting line). And to go easy on my self, I'll say I was not a natural. But hey I didn't break anything additional. 

Okay with the critical part done, the luck was to turn? Noooo! I then broke my bike seat and had to stand or sit very wrong the whole section, stopped to fix it but it just slipped back to the wrong position. Then some running, what could possible go wrong? I managed to get really lost at the clearly marked course and ended up at a market-place. Somehow I eventually found my way back and across the finish. Super exciting day. Learned a lot. 


A couple of weeks later it was time for super prestigious solo race Åre Extreme Challenge. I trained. A lot! Bought a brand new kakay of my own. I let Specialized Concept Store fix my bike. I learned to carry my kayak running like a pro. And also to get in and out quick. And I tried the whole course. Twice. This time I would call myself well prepared. And surprisingly I also had good luck the day of the race.

I raced hard, but tried to also be smart. Kayak as hard as possible, started running hard, fokus on not freaking out, then a efficiently steady climb over Åre Skutan. Full speed down, as fast and hard as I could. Finally all out at the bike. A great day with a 6th place after some super girls made me really proud and happy. I'll be back and I'll be better. 


By now I unfortunately had to say goodbye to my pro life (for a while) and get back to work. The summer was on, even though no one with their mind straight would have agreed.

Summer has been all about working at the fire service, swimrunning and training real hard. It's been crazy weeks but now I find myself sitting in the grass, enjoying the warmth, the sun and a great view. Both me and my team mate Staffan is stronger than ever and eager to set off in Ö till Ö, the swimrun world championship. We're here, we're ready to have some great fun. What ever the 7th of september brings, I'll be at one of my favourite places, with one of my favorite persons doing my favourite thing and I'll bring my A-game. 


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And I'm sincerely grateful for all of you reading, following and cheering


Thanks and love

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