Winter life

As an adventure racer you don't really get an off season followed with some back to basics training before entering the grand competing season. In one way every adventure race holds it’s own season. You’ll have to prepare and train specific for every race and after there’s time, and need, for recovery and maybe (likely) called for some building up the body.

However a new year comes with a new race calendar. And that gives a bit of a mental reset. I took the opportunity to use this short break in best way possible by spending the winter at high altitude in Telluride, Colorado.

¨I’ll surely benefit a bunch from messing with training routines and mind while also soaking in energy from the mountains, the snow and the sunlight.

I’m spending the days mostly ski touring and ice climbing. The ski touring gives me big days out, with a lot of hard work but not really an effort. Why not? Cause it’s just so awesome to be out in the snowy mountains. The ice climbing is the real mess up thing. It’s new and it’s challenging. Training some mental skills and I believe that learning new things, new movements, new skills is benefitting also in other disciplines.  

And plans then, what’s on for 2016? It’s not all set yet. It’s for sure going to be an other exciting year as an adventure racer. I’ll get to focus on training and competing thanks to my employer who believes in me and let me have time off for this purpose.

I do like the planning season of the year. You get to dream big and you get to feel like anything is possible, you can win anything, accomplish all you want and it’s still time to work hard for your goals. And the hard working part is already on of course.

 Photo: Mike Thurk

Photo: Mike Thurk

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