World Champs Down Under

One year ago I was in Pantanal, Brazil taking on a big adventure and competition with my team. Hundreds of k’s through the jungle and wetland. It turned out an even bigger adventure than expected with a truly expedition style race over a long and hard course. That we finished in 7 days.

In just a few days, Thursday, the Adventure Race World Championships will start here in Ulladulla. I’m at site in this little town 230k south of Sydney. Australia so far is amazing, but as always not a lot of touristy things have been done. But I really like that part of Adventure Race, you get to see other things and you get a whole other picture of a country. We're prepping for the race in this cute town at the shore, with parrots everywhere and a beautiful bay where the waves break big just at the peninsulas. Soon we’ll head out in the national parks, beautiful woods and mountains and along the big powerful ocean. Exploring, experience and get to know a place through nature is the greatest thing and a big part of my passion for this.

But I’m not here to race. Sure feels a little weird but also exciting. I’ll be back racing but for this one I got the chance to come along and get in on the media coverage adventure. And I’m happy for that. Curios to see the difference between the 100 teams going along the course and hopeful to be able to help giving a great coverage of the race.

The course is 600k’s including running or trekking, mountain biking, kayaking, pack rafting and caving.

There are almost 100 teams starting on November 10th 12:30 local time. (+11h GMT)

The top teams are competitive, experienced and ready to go hard. This will be a tight and thrilling race.

Where to go to get the updates:

AR World Series You Tube                   Where The Adventure Center will be released every night

AR World Series Facebook                  To get the commentary from the Dotwatcher

AR World Series Website                       To follow the GPS tracks of the teams

See you out there!

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