My commandment of rest and recover

A friend made a wish on her blog about recovery as a rising star on training heaven (Visit Jessica Claren, where you also can read a bunch of other smart peoples words on recovery). I agree on this one. A lot. Both for myself and what I believe I see around me. I felt like I wanna be a part of fulfilling that wish. I've been given this a thought or two in the past years. I went through the dark side of over training or what might be a more proper way to put it: under resting. Actually I trained a lot, but not as much as I do now, and I didn't train hard, simply because I didn't have the energy to. But I didn't rest and I never recovered. 

I wanna share my commandment of rest and recover. This is my way of getting the highest pay back of the hours I invest. It might not work for you exact the same way, but I wish to inspire you to look into your own recovery, give it a little more gravity in your life and and make it a part of your training. And if you feel like you don't have a clue what your doing or feeling doubtful about the gain just feel free to adopt my commandments straight off. And down the road you'll find out what's your game. 


1.  One rest day a week. Always!

2. My rest day is always scheduled!

It's not that day of the week that every thing got messed up and I didn't train for some reason like time, forgetting something, traffic jam or whatever. I believe this is important for my soul and mind. My rest day is associated with relaxing and positivity. Not stress and bad conscious. 

3. It's rest day!

Not easy training day, not going to the gym day, not biking to work day.

4. It's a non stressy day!

I believe my rest day should be restful not only free from training. I do not schedule my rest day on a day that I know's gona be packed. Then I might have a training free day, and the rest day another day.  

5. Always remember magic dubble rest day!

If I feel shitty, if I can't push my self as I know I usually can, than it's time for some magic. It's time for dubble rest day. 

This way of thinking takes me to the place I wanna be, improving. Do I always follow this? No way. But I try, and I believe in this and it makes me feel confident. This let's me do what I love the most training hard, pushing limits, exploring the stars and the world. 

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