Who am i?

An ambitious full time Adventurer who really loves a rough challenge.

Racing in adventure racing, swimrun and mountain bike. Running, kayaking, biking and exploring nature all over the planet.

Possesses a grand mental power and energy that never runs out, never carries a thought of something being impossible.

With a vision to inspire and share the touch of nature and adventure with everyone. 

I love hard training and racing, to keep pushing til I'm completely exhausted. When I get to bring every bit out of myself, both body and mind I just love the feeling. 

I'm curious and I get my passion and motivation from always having fun and exploring new things and places.

I have tested all different kind of sports and like to try new things. I’m as curious as a child and thinks that the more rough and gnarly the more fun. And that’s my passion, to have fun!
— Marika interviewed by Daniel Becker